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Dynamic Web Programing

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I have also used XAMPP to solve other issues - like migrating daily report man hours from Prolog to Primavera 6 for schedule updates and resolving submittal data from thousands of submittal items down to select schedule activities - and the funnest one was being able to find numerous redundant logic links in a P3 schedule so that they could easily be removed.  It does come in handy from time to time.

I do love PHP MySQL.

2010_11_05 Spent hours this week writing a program to analyze the hourly weather data for 10 years (170,000 plus lines of data) in order to determine heat index averages for a project.  The heat wave that the project experienced in Sept was detrimental to job-site production and I believe the data calculated will earn the project 15-21 calendar days of time extension.  I could not have done it without PHP MySQL, I started in Excel (faster for small projects) but it couldn't handle all the data and calculations.

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