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Clinton Christmas Parade 2007

Volunteered to organize a float for the City of Clinton's annual Christmas Parade.

While there are a few weeks to get organized there is only three times when other volunteers are available to build the float.

In order to make best usage of time and effort I used a Google SketchUp Model to design it in layers so that it was easier to communicate with 50 volunteers and coordinate their efforts. - The funnest part was the star, it was going to be too high to go under the signal lights and power lines so we made it on a hinge and would fold it down when needed.

Here is the Picture and comments from the ClintonNews -

"Playing the roles of Mary and
Joseph, Heather and Michael
McGowan of Clinton cradle
their son, Haiden McGowan,
who plays Baby Jesus, as they
take their places on the float
sponsored by their Church, the
Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints."


How it actually Turned out



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